NFL Legends point to Butkus being a legend to them, too!



Understanding the importance for Dick Butkus to the NFL and evolution of defensive football is all about impact. And Dick Butkus was all about impact.
Bob Mueller became a fan of Butkus and the Chicago Bears in 1969. It informed is passion for the game and created one of the most unique sports art ever. Like his hero, Mueller’s work moves and hits hard. 

After 35 yrs of imagining meeting Dick Butkus – Bob finally did.

On September 21, 2005, they met for the first time on location where Dick Butkus was making a TV show called Bound for Glory. Bob spent an hour discussing his art with the Bear’s great. After Bob won the 2008 EMMY AWARD, Butkus invited Bob many times to create art and display it at various events he was promoting.

Dick Butkus 1942 – 2023 was a man of high character who did not suffer fools easily, but was generous and had a great sense of humour. Mueller’s Butkus art is a celebration of Dick Butkus’s importance to the NFL. Simply the greatest Middle Linebacker to ever lace up cleats.

To understand the BOB MUELLER ART you need to watch this 2008 EMMY AWARD WINNING NFL FILMS feature about Mueller, his life and his passion for art and Butkus.

 “He was like Moby Dick in a goldfish bowl.” -Steve Sabol, NFL Films Producer

“I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately – unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something.” – Dick Butkus